More collaboration means more visitors in the world of destination marketing. That’s why, EXPERIENCE DALLAS collaborates with regional partners. Find out how we can collaborate to promote your company and Dallas South to visitors. Through our communications, advertising, websites, and social media, we aim to convey your messages,

Advertise With Experience Dallas South

EXPERIENCE DALLAS SOUTH is our name and our mission. We improve the image of Dallas South, stimulate tourism, and boost the economy as the region’s official tourism marketing agency. Since 2021, we’ve offered advertising possibilities on and to our engaged email opt-in subscribers for regional museums, attractions, restaurants, hotels, and more.

As an industry, we estimate that approximately 5 million visitors will visit the region in 2022. And in the future, we’ll continue to entice visitors to visit our cherished region by combining our collective vision, skill, determination, and tenacity. We provide paid opportunities and plenty of free tools at Experience Dallas South to assist develop our region’s image, generate visitation, and strengthen the economy. When we accomplish that, it’s a win-win-win situation for everyone.


5 Reasons To Advertise

  1. Reach a Highly Qualified Audience (on all platforms): EXPERIENCE DALLAS SOUTH will invest millions of dollars each year to attract visitors to Dallas South; you get to capitalize on that momentum by sending visitors who are actively considering a trip to Dallas to your website and door.
  2. Take Advantage of a Customized Campaign Strategy: We’ll create a personalized campaign recommendation to help you achieve your objectives.
  3. Target your customer like a laser: With our precise ad targeting, you can reach your target demographic.
  4. Increase your return on investment: We’ll make campaign optimization recommendations and show you how to track conversions.
  5. Experience free advertising with our deals listing program

Experience Dallas South is expected to receive more than 5 million visits in 2022.

Advertising Rate Card

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